About Us
Kindle Mind offers children with the necessary stimulation to develop their neural network, enabling them to learn through experience and boost their self-assurance. By utilizing the Kindle Mind Method in their formative years, a child can establish a substantial repository of knowledge in their subconscious mind that continues to grow and expand as they develop.

Kindle Mind Brand Story

Kindle Mind is a skills learning center for children that aims to ignite their thinking ability and skill levels through innovative education. We adhere to the value of "Teaching through interaction and learning through games" to make learning more fun and interesting for kids!

Our logo embodies a simplified concept using geometric shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles, which are highly recognizable and suited to children's cognitive abilities. Children are pure and innocent, so simple graphic elements are more likely to appeal to them, sparking their imagination and potential. These shapes also allow children to open up and enter the classroom filled with shapes happily. We hope that children can learning in their own unique way and building their own castle.

Regarding color, we chose red, yellow, blue, and green to make the brand logo more vibrant. We also incorporated pink, purple, brown, and gray as auxiliary colors to fully express the colorful nature of childhood, just like exploring and learning in a colorful playground.

Children can learn and grow in joy, which is what makes our childhood meaningful. Come and explore Kindle Mind!

Kindle Mind Skills Based Enhancement Programme

Junior Schoolers
(4-6 years)

Primary Schoolers
(7-12 years)

Speed Memory 6 in 1 Course